The Fault In Our Stars

I am so excited for the new movie The Fault In Our Stars, based the novel “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green. It is coming out June 6th 2014. I am currently reading it for the second time. I am about to start the novel “The Maze Runner” By James Dashner. The movie of The Maze Runner is coming to theaters September 19th 2014! Cant wait! “Mockingjay Part 1” is also coming to the theaters November 21 2014. This is by far the best year of my life!


Pixie Hollow Drawing!

Pixie Hollow Drawing!

Before Pixie Hollow closed down, they were having fan art contests! This is one of my favorites! If anybody wants to do anything like chat, party, ect. Comment below! (And my brother got me addicted to minecraft…)



Hey Guys! I am going to start posting about Pixie Hollow and Divergent. Since PH closed down, I have found something that I am now obsessed about! I love the trilogy and the books and the movie! Maybe doing this will keep me on more…

I’m Back!

I'm Back!

Hey guys! I am back to my fairy blog! I miss PH so much. I want to sue Disney so bad! It has been months now and nothing has changed. If only we could have it back!



Hey lookie lookie!!! I am so high!!! LOL! ( previous picture i took when PH was on.) But guys, don’t be sad anymore!!! We are going to jinx the chance of us getting PH back if all we do is say that we are not going to get pixie hollow back. I believe that we all will though:)

All We Need Is Each Other.

All We Need Is Each Other.

Hi guys. We all know that our beloved Pixie Hollow is no more. The news is horrible I know. As long as we stick together, we are able to save our hollow:) You know how if we believe in fairies every fairy will live? Well if we believe that the hollow can be saved, THE HOLLOW SHALL BE SAVED! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Just made an accout on AJ!!!


Guys something terrible has happened!

I just love Pixie Magic!

Pixie Magic

I just found out that pixie hollow is closing:( I am crying right now because pixie hollow is the best thing I could ever have. I have been having a hard time in the real world so pixie hollow was like my second home. I cant believe that this could happen and I am so sorry that it did. Once pixie hollow is down I will be closing my blogs and I hope you all understand and that I just wish that this is a all a dream! I am so upset and I will try to find a way so that pixie hollow can stay. I am so sorry that this happened:'( I believed in fairies my whole life thanks to pixie hollow I have made many fairies over the years and now I this is happening. Here is my link to my blog.

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Hanging out!

Hanging out!

Hanging out with Silver Mistywish D-name is: Ideal1983 and Dawn D-name is :raindrop7744 and Skyler Sweetheart D-name is: DjSky1:)

hey guys

Hi guys thought i might post a picture bc iM SO bored!!!